Retail analytics & business intelligence

Looker can offer trusted, real-time retail insights, combining easy-to-use analytics and data from multiple sources to help drive business-wide decisions.

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Your solution for reliable insights

Looker is a cloud-native enterprise BI platform that can offer retailers access to real-time data to help inform business decisions.

Drive revenue growth

Looker can enable business users to easily access the data they need to help better understand revenue, margins, and sales to uncover high-potential growth areas and develop a greater understanding of customer behavior.

Employ data-driven strategies

Help solve the problem of working in silos by creating unifying data experiences across teams. With customer-centric retail data, in-store and online data can be combined to define customer segments, optimize omni-channel retail marketing efforts, and can help create hyper-personalized customer experiences.

Manage supply chains

Looker can be a a fast, flexible solution that can incorporate artificial intelligence to help identify near real-time retail trends that could help inform merchandising, optimize pricing, and decrease returns. Our retail analytics software can help support profitability by leveraging data to manage complex supply chains and planning for inventory needs through innovation.

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Help digitally transform your retail business

Perhaps more than any other industry, retail relies heavily on data in order to optimize the decision-making process across entire organizations. Data can impact trend forecasting, inventory control, marketing strategy, and even influence customer behavior -- especially in the increasingly digital space of eCommerce.

Omnichannel Strategy Dashboard
Develop an omnichannel merchandising strategy
  • Create a unified shopping experience: Looker’s customer-centric retail platform can allow retailers to better understand customer behavior in order to help create a seamless shopping experience across channels
  • Understand purchasing patterns: Looker uses built-in technology that can help retailers to gain insight into purchasing patterns across various channels.
  • Maximize sales across channels: Looker can enable retail businesses to pull various points of data across channels into one centralized location and compile them into actionable insights

Help increase customer lifetime value
  • Improve customer satisfaction: Looker’s customer support analytics can help customer service teams improve response time, quality and results
  • Increase customer engagement: Retail analytics help enable greater insight into upsell opportunities and identification of losses.
  • Build brand loyalty: Looker helps businesses proactively predict and prevent potential issues that may arise, resulting in fewer customer service problems and increased brand loyalty.
Customer Lifetime Value Chart

Operations Chart
Help improve operations and supply chains
  • Track merchandise movement across channels: Looker can give retailers the ability to track products from source to customer (and stop in between), helping drive efficiency and profitability
  • Real-time insights into inventory levels: Looker can allow for minute-to-minute insights into inventory numbers and helps enable you to gain workflow efficiencies
  • Trace customer issues back to a source: Quickly tie customer feedback to supply chain issues to help improve both profitability and customer experiences

Companies can find power in their data, while maintaining choice in their data stack

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