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Do more with your data

You may have a lot of data spread across different marketing analytics tools. Using Looker, you can bring the data from your various tools together to discover insights to help drive leads, improve conversion rates, and manage marketing spend.

Centralize your marketing data

Using Looker, you can join your different marketing data sources together and focus on doing analysis that can help see the bigger picture and drive revenue.

Know your customers

You can gain deeper insight into your customers and their entire journey. Using Looker, you can combine multiple data sets, track cross-channel customer behavior, and segment customers by many different attributes which can improve your knowledge of your customers.

Build a data-driven marketing strategy

You can make Looker your single source of truth for your marketing data analytics. Define metrics once in Looker, and build and share custom dashboards to help keep your team on the same page.

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What your marketing team can do in Looker

How do your marketing analytics stack up? It's time to learn how to use marketing data to help understand how each channel is driving leads and which of those leads converts to revenue.

Channel Comparator Dashboard
Campaign analysis
  • Track KPIs: Monitor key campaign metrics like CPC, CTR, and CPA
  • ROI analysis: Understand the spend and revenue generated by campaigns and medium
  • Alerting: Set up custom rules to receive email alerts to monitor ad performance

Web analytics
  • Cross-channel attribution analysis: Identify trends in customer behavior between and across your marketing channels
  • A/B testing: Analyze how your variations can influence key user behavior based on statistically significant results
  • Holistic view: Help understand a user’s experience on your website, from click to conversion
Web Analytics Dashboard

Customer Acquisition Chart
Customer acquisition
  • Conversion rates: Monitor and help optimize conversion rates by channel, content, and audiences
  • Acquisition channels: Track where new leads and customers are coming from
  • Cohort analysis: Segment your data and analyze how different segments behave over time

Companies can find power in their data, while maintaining choice in their data stack

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