Next-generation analytics and visualization with BigQuery and Looker

Drive competitive differentiation with an industry-leading intelligent data cloud platform built on a foundation trusted for reliability, scale, and security.

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Google’s cloud-made match for your business

A powerful database deserves a powerful data platform.

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Google's data cloud helps you make better decisions by providing insights at exactly the right time and place through proactive alerts and deep integration with popular applications like Google Sheets, Google Marketing Platform, Slack, Twilio, Salesforce, and Facebook. By using BigQuery and Looker together, all kinds of users are empowered to find answers and take action.

Together, BigQuery and Looker provide rich, interactive dashboards and reports without compromising performance, scale, security, or data freshness.

BigQuery and Looker: better together


Looker can write your queries, and BigQuery’s auto scaling architecture will scale up or down to meet your needs with minimal management overhead.


Looker can use BigQuery's cost estimator before queries run and allows you to set per-user spend limits.


Looker can query nested data, write user-defined functions, and leverage other BigQuery features.

Google Cloud’s data analytics platform

Providing options to help you deliver value through the use of robust, fresh insights.

Real-time and event driven

Open and end-to-end serverless


Make business decisions based on the freshest data available, enabled by BigQuery’s data streaming and Looker’s in-database query architecture. Get insights without managing infrastructure and worrying about capacity. BigQuery is serverless and scales up and down to meet your business needs. BigQuery ML and LookML make it easy to use Google Cloud’s industry-leading machine learning and data modeling to better understand your data and identify trends and anomalies.


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