Drive growth with embedded analytics

Accelerate time to value of your data apps with consistent, live metrics and complete control of the user experience.

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Build data apps faster

Ship data-driven apps in weeks and months… not years. Stay focused on core competencies and tap an ecosystem of trusted partners for more expertise and speed.

Create better user experiences

Design your dream app and build it with an API for your data. Maintain control of your data and how users experience it, across your apps and any device.

Reduce development costs

Collaborate on data app development using modern Git version-control and workflows. Help keep your engineering team lean and efficient even as your product grows.

Generate new revenue streams

Strategically serve up Looker features as your own across premium tiers of your product to help attracting new subscribers and grow upgrade revenues.

Create connected workflows

Integrate your app ecosystem and automate work with off-the-shelf services that help users and apps take action on data. Send and write-back data with Slack, Twilio and more.

Offer a premium data product

Price and package Looker features as part of your SaaS product to help grow your revenue. Create multiple tiers and charge a premium for the capabilities your customers value most. For example:

  Good $ Better $$ Best $$$

Historical data

6-11 months

12-23 months

24+ months

Granularity of data


row level

row and column level

Ad hoc analysis

static reporting

self-serve exploration

build reports, schedule, actions, alerts

Data actions


storage only: Box, Dropbox, Drive, AWS S3

all including Slack, Twilio, Adwords



metrics only

metrics, filters, reports

End-user type

view only

view and explore

explore with actions

Admin reporting

static only

explore only

automated actions

Love your analytics

Business intelligence, big data analytics, or a 360° view of your customers. Looker can help. Talk to our data experts.