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Connect directly to business data sources.

Looker works directly with your data, and creates a common data language for your business to use. This means that employees in every part of the organization work with the same numbers and concepts, derived the same way—for results that are consistent, and reliable.

Get total transparency.

Looker is also completely transparent. You can always see how queries are generated and how the LookML model is representing the underlying data. You can even see the data itself, so you can have confidence in every business decision.


Meet LookML, a modeling language unlike any other.

With Looker’s revolutionary modeling language, transformations and complex logic are easily turned into a flexible, rich—and reusable—meta-data layer. Analysts and business users can combine these new calculations in any number of ways, anytime.

Save time, starting now.

With Looker (and LookML), companies go from deployment to connection to insights to data experiences faster than with any other BI product out there. By connecting directly to their data source, businesses can create and enhance their data model in seconds and minutes—not weeks or months, like legacy deployments. As our customers tell us, Looker is what helps their data analysts go “from fire-fighters to story tellers.”

"Looker – which is a fantastic BI tool – allows us to build a “model” around our data, centralizing definitions, sharing views, and adding meta-data. Instead of writing queries all day, we can focus on building out the model. Building a playground is a lot more fun than writing SQL." - Looker customer Asana, in their engineering blog post Great Data, it's All in the Delivery

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Visualize & explore.

In the same way Looker fosters collaboration, it also creates an environment for innovation. You can search your data, and quickly build charts and graphs. Plus, as data is explored, analysts can update the model and add more business logic. This in turn creates more context, so explorations become easier and discoveries more advanced. As the cycle continues, you can leverage both the shared knowledge of your entire company and your real-time data—for increasingly intelligent, actionable and innovative insights.

Get depth with your dashboards.

With most products, dashboards are the final result. They might look pretty...but they’re pretty static. With Looker, you can click through any individual chart and drill all the way down to the source data. You can change the chart, iterate on it, or even pivot it to suit your needs. It all means that a report isn’t just a report: it’s a living environment you can engage with.

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Give all of your data projects a single home.

Looker naturally becomes a hub for all data projects, from internal embedded business intelligence, to the data that's shared between teams, to the data-driven portions of client-facing applications. Even if engineers want to build their own dashboards or products, they can still leverage the knowledge held in Looker through the API to power the data-driven portions of their project.

Embed customized intelligence into your existing interfaces.

Through its embed capabilities or its API, you can take the business knowledge in Looker and easily place it anywhere - whether that’s an existing internal dashboard, a third-party application, or a web page. And of course, you can control what that access looks like to the end-user, maintaining the ability to drill all the way down to the source data, or just providing a live-updating number or chart.

Looking to deliver data to your customers?

Powered by Looker allows you to embed Looker analytics in any website, portal or app, or to OEM the entire Looker platform.

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A team of expert data analysts with every subscription.

We're committed to your success—not just with using the product, but in actually making actionable business decisions from data analysis. That's why we've included a simple but effective feature in Looker: live chat with a dedicated support analyst. At the click of a button, our customers can ask us any question. We help our customers with not only the Looker product, but any problems they may be facing as a business.

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