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“Inside a Looker company, an amazing thing starts to happen - people start backing up their opinions with facts.”

The End of Data Bread Lines

There is a lot of talk about “Data-Driven” cultures and it’s the right kind of talk. When people have access to the right data they really do make better decisions. When groups of people are presented with decent evidence, in the form of data, they usually start talking about the right things. Information wins wars.

by Lloyd Tabb, Founder, Chairman and CTO

At EAT Club, Every Decision is Data-driven

Four-year-old EAT Club harnesses Big Data and cloud technologies to provide high quality lunches on time to offices in the San Francisco Bay/Silicon Valley area and more recently to Los Angeles.

from Silicon Angle

Debunking the First Law of Data Democracy

The solution, says Looker CEO Frank Bien, is to increase data literacy, not improve data visualization. Data literacy is an increasingly strategic focus for organizations of all sizes and a vital driver of business success.

from Forbes

Neil Blumenthal - 3 Tools I'll Be Using in 2015

Warby Parker is a data-driven company. In order to make the most informed decisions at the quickest pace, we need to get the right info into the hands of the right people as fast as possible. Looker is the tool that helps us do this.

from The Wall Street Journal

Lloyd Tabb - Hoarding Data

I feel like many times we are obsessed with the process of collecting Big Data. The value of Big Data, however, comes from pulling it, organizing it, and re-ordering it.

from Wired